The TVWEEK: Sunday 1st – Friday 6th April 2012

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8.00pm Disasters at Sea Channel 4 – On the 100th anniversary of the sinking of RMS Titanic, this new documentary examines the disaster and the safety of passengers at sea. In this modern age, huge, lavish and extravagant cruise ships tower above the ocean surfaces boasting state-of-the art shopping malls, cinemas and tennis courts, and offering arrays of bars and restaurants. With a century of advanced design and new technology – and despite being built by the world’s greatest expert marine engineers and scientists – lessons from the past are being constantly overlooked and these ships continue to sink. 

9.00pm Silent Witness BBC1 – The forensic pathology starring Emila Fox and Tom Ward series returns for Series 15. This series is comprised of 6 2-part episodes which will be shown on Sunday and conclude on Monday. In the opening episode: Death has no Dominion Harry and Nikki are called to the scene of a violent and calculated murder, which is thought to be the work of an apparently dormant serial killer. Continues Monday.

9.00pm The Falklands Legacy with Max Hastings BBC2 – 30 years after the Falklands War, journalist and military historian Max Hastings explores the conflict’s legacy over the past three decades.


8.00pm Chaplains: The Angels of Mersey BBC2 – Series following the work of chaplains in the city of Liverpool. The new Street Pastor patrol team head for the city’s nightlife district for the start of a frontline mission which aims to spread the word of God to Liverpool’s clubbers. Meanwhile, the University Rabbi is on a mission to recruit Jewish students into the faith.

8.00pm Damien Hirst: First Look Channel 4 – To coincide with the first major retrospective of his work in the UK, Channel 4 presents two Damien Hirst documentaries together with a multiplatform first: an exclusive 360? online video tour at of his Tate Modern exhibition two days before it opens to the public. One of the most important and influential artists of his generation, Damien Hirst provokes debate, and whatever you may think of his work, the original Young British Artist helped make art headline news and put Britain firmly on the contemporary art map.

9.00pm Modern Spies BBC2 – In the first of two programmes Peter Taylor looks at the real world of modern spies. For the first time on television, serving British secret agents talk about their work – from an MI6 agent runner to an MI5 surveillance officer. This time, Modern Spies investigates how today’s spies are recruited and probes the secrets of spycraft, from the sleeper cell to the brush pass and the cut out to the cyber spy. 

9.00pm Our Crime BBC3 – Series exploring real-life scenes of violence, theft and mayhem, to unpack and re-tell the human stories behind the criminal act. Being robbed at gunpoint is the stuff of nightmares, but how does the victim cope when the finger on the trigger belongs to a 13-year-old? This film explores the consequences of teenage robbing sprees that spiralled out of control, causing fear, trauma and even the loss of a life. Following the perpetrator’s online trail of MSN messages, YouTube uploads and boasting on social networks, it documents the experience of the victims targeted during three very different street robberies and explores their and their families’ attempts to come to terms with the aftermath of terrifying attacks.

9.00pm Game of Thrones Sky Atlantic – Series 2 of HBO’s epic fantasy series.

10.10pm Morgan Spurlock’s New Britannia Sky Atlantic –  American comic Morgan Spurlock delves into traditionalist Britain. Here, he is joined by Shappi Khorsandi, Andrew Maxwell and Ruby Wax to discuss foreigners.

10.30pm World Series of Dating BBC3 – Comedy reality series in which four distinctive and especially selective girls govern the ‘datezone’ as a number of guys try to last as long as they can over a dinner date.


8.00pm Rory McGrath’s Pub Dig Five – Rory McGrath and biker/archaeologist Paul Blinkhorn root around beneath some of the country’s oldest boozers to reveal hundreds of years of British history. Pubs are where some of the juiciest bits of our island story happened, so even though they occasionally get distracted by the temptations of the bar, they turn up some truly remarkable finds. In this first episode, they spend four days at the Command House pub in Chatham, Kent, digging through 400 years of naval history in search of Henry VIII’s lost Tudor docks and relics from the time of Nelson and the British Empire.

9.00pm Smugglers ITV – Documentary about the trade in counterfeit goods, now worth an estimated £1 billion a year in Britain. Detectives from the City of London Police receive intelligence about a shipment arriving at Felixstowe, Britain’s largest container port. The smugglers have listed the container as carrying furniture parts, but inside are copies of some of Nike’s top-selling trainers. Cameras follow the police surveillance operation over many months to identify the gang members involved and discover how their large profits are being laundered through a front business and hidden in safety deposit boxes. 

9.00pm The Undateables Channel 4 – Three-part series that follows the journeys of several extraordinary singletons as they enter the dating circuit in pursuit of love. From a stand-up comedian with Tourette’s and a trapeze artist with brittle bones, to a media student with Down’s Syndrome, an amateur poet with a learning disability, and a skateboarder with a facial disfigurement, the series follows them as they enter the world of blind dates, matchmakers and speed dating.

9.00pm My Family, Prison & Me BBC3 – The first of two documentaries which give a glimpse into the lives of four characters who have all had their family life affected by crime. It follows their lives as they grapple with the challenges that come with loving someone who has been convicted of crime. Leanne was seven months pregnant when her boyfriend Kyle lashed out at his best friend in a violent attack. We follow Leanne in the lead-up to sentencing, as she anticipates a future without Kyle. Amy is a student at university whose mum killed her stepdad. As well as facing pressure to see her mum, she also struggles to come to terms with her hurt and anger. College student Catia can’t wait to see her serial-offending boyfriend finally come out of prison, despite her family and friends’ disapproval of the relationship. Devout young muslim Neelam is convinced of her father’s innocence, despite a conviction for attempted murder.

10.35pm Who Do You Think You Are?: USA BBC1 – Lionel Richie traces his family history in the US remake of the BBC series.


9.00pm Woolly Mammoth BBC2 – Professor Alice Roberts reveals the natural history of one the most famous of Ice Age animals – the woolly mammoth 

9.00pm Mugged BBC3 – Documentary which hears both victim’s and mugger’s stories. Three victims give accounts of their muggings and its aftermath. 

9.00pm Kids in the Middle BBC4 – Bittersweet observational film about separated families whose break up is so acrimonious and the parents are so loath to come in to any contact with one another at all, that it becomes impossible for the father to see his children without the involvement of a contact centre. The film explores the lengths to which dads will go to see their kids, the impact of this situation on the children, and the motivations and anxieties that have led mums ands dads to this most specific of locations.


9.00pm Land of the Lost Wolves BBC1 – Nature series documenting the return of one very special wolf pack to the snowy peaks of Washington’s Cascade Mountains – the first to return to the American Northwest in 70 years. Wolves were wiped out across much of America, with more than a million wolves estimated to have been shot, poisoned or trapped when European settlers arrived. Concludes Tomorrow.

9.00pm Fraud Squad ITV – Documentary following detectives from the City and Metropolitan Police as they tackle organised crime gangs making millions from cash machine crime.

9.00pm One Born Every Minute: What Happened Next Channel 4 – One-off documentary catching three of the babies born on the first series as they celebrate their first birthdays. 


9.00pm Brick by Brick BBC2 – Dan Cruickshank and Charlie Luxton uncover the incredible hidden stories behind historic buildings as they are dismantled brick by brick, and meticulously resurrected in new locations. Every year thousands of ordinary buildings are demolished, but some are so special they are snatched from the bulldozers, carefully dismantled and painstakingly rebuilt. Architectural designer Charlie Luxton explores how these vast and hugely complex jigsaw puzzles are pieced back together. Meanwhile, architectural historian Dan Cruickshank investigates the building’s history.

10.00pm This is Lionel Richie ITV – Lionel Richie performs his biggest and best-loved hits live in front of a studio audience. He is also joined on stage for some unmissable duets by Pixie Lott and X Factor star Rebecca Ferguson. Plus Christine Bleakley interviews Lionel at home in LA.

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