Unforgotten: A Prime Suspect takes the spotlight.

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It’s been a tough few months for Cassie, but things are finally beginning to look up for her, as she heads out on a date with John Bentley (Alastair MacKenzie). The scenes of the detective having fun are juxtaposed with intense scenes of a dying Pete being tended to by paramedics, before being rushed into hospital. As Cassie and John say goodnight, our protagonist learns the horrifying news of Pete’s injury. And that’s only the beginning, as she subsequently becomes aware of the fact that Pete has died. It’s tough to watch Cassie so hurt, and Nicola Walker delivers a stunning performance in this episode, but we shouldn’t be surprised by that because there are few who can compare to her. 

Cassie’s reaction is completely believable. She blames herself for the attack – she’s all over the place, and made a careless mistake when leaving the file in the coffee shop. But, in reality, Pete’s death is not her fault. Sure, she didn’t help matters, but she isn’t responsible. It’s Sandra (Tori Allen-Martin) — AKA the blogger —— who’s to blame here. Writer Chris Lang uses this storyline to highlight just how dangerous social media can be and it pays off tremendously. If Carr had lived, the message might not have been as hard-hitting as it was.  

As the Reid family have faith in Cassie, the detective is allowed to stay on the investigation. She interviews Chris Lowe (James Fleet), who finally turns up to the police station. Much more composed then he was previously, Chris explains why he lied to the police about his whereabouts on the night he spent at The Spinney. He was having mental difficulties at the time, in addition to dealing with personal issues. Chris then explains how his credit card was used on child abuse sites at the time, but promises the detectives that he is completely innocent. Fleet gives a great performance, and — in spite of his previous lies — we believe Chris is telling the truth. Cassie later confirms that the original investigation into the credit card usage was “flawed”. Meanwhile, 

James Hollis (Kevin McNally) finally tracks down his son, Elliot (Tom Rhys Harries) to have it out with him. It’s an incredibly informational scene, as James asks his son to tell him the truth about what happened on the night in question which, of course, implies that something did happen. Lang keeps us in suspense until the two men turn up at the police station to explain the whole predicament to Cassie and Sunny. In a clever reveal, James talks about how Elliot was driving the car that night and that he did hit something, but it turns out that he’s not responsible for Hayley’s death. This entire story thread proved to be a great red herring from Lang, because we’d become convinced that Eliot was definitely involved in the young girl’s death.

The biggest development of all comes for Dr Tim Finch (Alex Jennings). Sunny discovers that the GP was issued with a speeding ticket on the day after he’d returned home from Middenham. He presses for more information, and finally discovers that the ticket was issued 6 miles outside of Middenham, and that Tim’s vehicle was heading from Middenham to London. With this information, Cassie and Sunny arrest Tim at his home. A stunning piece of music from the incomparable Michael Price plays as Tim is taken away, and part of me believes that this music was signifying the end of this harrowing story. But with another episode left to go, perhaps this is yet another red herring. Having said that, there’s more trouble ahead for Tim as the lovely DC 

Jake Collier (Lewis Reeves) interrupts Cassie’s interview with the suspect, to inform her that the search of Tim’s home proved rather fruitful. The team found a necklace with hair attached to it, a hair scrunchie, and a pair of knickers. It’s really not looking good for Tim, is it?

With only one episode of Unforgotten Series 3 left to go (sob), has Cassie found her man? That question has a double meaning of sorts, as her relationship with John seems to have hit a brick wall following Pete’s death. But with enough evidence to perhaps get a conviction, Tim Finch is likely going to go down for murder. But is he Hayley’s killer? We’ll have to wait and find out in the final episode of the series. Chris Lang, you absolute genius.

        Unforgotten concludes Sundays at 9pm on ITV.

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