US shows we’ll never see again.

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So it’s May, and that means American networks are busy shaking up their schedules. Wielding the axe on those that have performed poorly, and given some a second chance.  Below is a list of the shows which we’ve seen the last of and that UK broadcasters wish they hadn’t imported.


Believe / 1 season / 6.8 million viewers (Shown on Watch in the UK)

Community / 5 seasons / 3.8 million viewers (Shown on Sony TV in the UK)

Crisis / 1 season / 6.2 million viewers *NO UK BROADCASTER*

Dracula / 1 season / 5 million viewers  *NO UK BROADCASTER*

Growing Up Fisher / 1 season / 7.3 million viewers  *NO UK BROADCASTER*

Revolution / 2 seasons / 7.3 million viewers (Shown on Sky One in the UK)


Mixology / 1 season / 4.8 million viewers  *NO UK BROADCASTER*

Neighbors / 2 seasons / 4.8 million viewers  *NO UK BROADCASTER*

Suburgatory / 3 seasons / 5.4 million viewers (Shown on E4 in the UK)

Super Fun Night / 1 season / 6 million viewers *NO UK BROADCASTER*

Trophy Wife / 1 season / 4.3 million viewers *NO UK BROADCASTER*


Dads / 1 season / 4.2 million viewers (Shown on ITV2 in the UK)

Enlisted / 1 season / 2.7 million viewers *NO UK BROADCASTER*

Rake / 1 season / 4.7 million viewers  (Shown on FOX in the UK)

Surviving Jack / 1 season / 4.9 million viewers*NO UK BROADCASTER*

The CW

The Carrie Diaries / 1 season / 1.1 million viewers *NO UK BROADCASTER*

Star-Crossed / 1 season / 1.3 million viewers (Shown on Sky One in the UK)

The Tomorrow People / 1 season / 1.9 million viewers (Shown on E4 in the UK)


Bad Teacher / 1 season / 7.1 million viewers

Crazy Ones / 1 season / 9.8 million viewers

Friends with Better Lives / 1 season / 6.8 million viewers

Hostages / 1 season / 7.6 million viewers (Shown on Channel 4 in the UK)

Intelligence / 1 season /10.2 million viewers (Shown on Sky One in the UK)

In a recent article our Mo Walker commented on the way American TV works and the importance of the upfronts.  Unfortunately for fans and programming purchasers outside the U.S., the Upfronts may create a situation in which a cancelled show has recently started transmitting in different country.  How can you promote and get your audience to invest in a show that has been cancelled in its native country?  Sky1 is currently facing this situation due to the axing of Star-Crossed and Intelligence.  However this sword cuts both ways, see BBC3’s The Fades or ITV’s Breathless.  The final lesson is that scheduling matters.  Luke, Gary, and Matt often discuss this very topic during The Custardtv’s Podcast.  Scheduling is a universal problem that network schedulers in the U.S. and U.K. are trying to master.  Based on the number of cancelled shows, some programs were tasked with assignments they were unable handle (looking at you AOS, OUATW, and The Michael J. Fox Show).  

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