Utopia: Ten Teasers for Series 2

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Last year I was won over by an incredibly striking and unique drama created by one of the co-writers of the underrated BBC Three sitcom Pulling. Dennis Kelly’s Utopia took as on an unusual and satisfying ride as we learnt of a conspiracy relating to a cult comic book and a vaccine for a deadly virus. Despite ranking it as my favourite drama of 2013, I was sceptical about the drama’s potential for a second series and had mixed reactions to the later announcement of this year’s second run.

My mind changed significantly when I attended a screening of the first two episodes which are set to air this coming Monday and Tuesday. Watching these episodes on the big screen really enhanced my viewing experience as did experiencing all the new shocks with a large audience. Suffice to say I was won over by Kelly’s bold storytelling and the way in which he continued the plot which had seemingly come to an end. By the time the end credits I was hooked on Utopia all over again and can’t wait to watch the rest of the series. 

While a full review of both episodes will appear on the site next week, here are ten teasers to wet your appetite. 

  • 1) None of the actors from series one appear in the first episode of series two. 
  • 2) Episode one covers some of the biggest events of the 1970s including the Winter of Discontent and Margaret Thatcher’s rise to power. 

  • 3) Anybody with a particular fondness for pet rabbits may want to avert their eyes at some points during episode one. 
  • 4) Fingernails are the new eyeballs. 
  • 5) Episode two reintroduces at least one character who was thought to have been killed off in series one. 
  • 6) Arby is now a fan of superfoods. 
  • 7) Ian demonstrates why you should never get up close and personal with a stapler. 

  • 8) Wilson has an all-new eyepatch. 
  • 9) Dara O’Briain and Mariella Frostrup cameo as themselves in episode two. 
  • 10) Happy V Day everyone! 

Utopia returns on Monday 14th July with the second episode airing on the 15th. 

Matt Donnelly

Matt Donnelly


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