The Wall, BBC3

by | Apr 10, 2008 | All, Reviews

Did we like it?

Opening up with a scatalogical sketch involving Rhys Thomas straining on the toilet and asking Jonathan Ross to wipe his bottom was probably designed to drive discerning viewers away from BBC3’s new ‘youth’ ‘entertainment’ show. We wish we had buggered off, but sadly we decided to stick around and had to endure as bad a 45 minutes of TV as you are ever likely to suffer.

What was good about it?

• Keith Chegwin. Yes, the old buffoon was the highspot with his Street Quiz Challenge, where two members of the public were teamed up with a stooge, hoping to win thousands of pounds but missing out when the stooge failed to correctly answer really easy questions (Princess from Star Wars? – Diana; Bacon and…? – Milk)

What was bad about it?

• The lack of chemistry between Rhys Thomas (who we’ve previously liked) and Alexa Chung (who ruined her chances of ever being liked by us when she teamed up with Ben Elton on that awful ITV generation gap show). The half-hearted banter between them couldn’t have been less comfortable if a gun had been pointed at their heads.

• When launching a new show, it would probably be a wise idea not to make Jonathan Ross your star guest. Thanks to his never-say-no attitude, there’s not a scintilla of mystique about him. We’ve heard about his bollock-licking dogs and his love of Japan before – and he’s better telling the tales in his chat show/radio show monologues rather than being awkwardly prompted by two people who had to fake their interest.

• The unique selling point – there’s a wall and it speaks in a curmudgeonly northern accent – was pointless; just a way of trying to make a bog standard show a little bit different. It didn’t.

• We Are Klang ‘pretending’ (no need, no need) to be an inept variety act.

• High Street Musical (man sings at people in the street). Not funny. Tony Izzet (bigmouth drives around in his mo’or). Not funny. The head weighing. Not funny. In Conversation With a spoof pretentious actor. Not funny. The spoof of The Appretentice called The Applic*nts. Not funny.

• Simon Brodkin as Dr Omprakash. Some of the material could loosely be called comedy, but the character was a lame combination, and pale imitation, of Peter Sellers’ Indian doctor in the 1960s and Harry Enfield’s Stavros in the 1980s.

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