Weakest Link: Famous Duos, BBC1 13 Nov 2004

by | Nov 13, 2004 | All, Reviews

Best Contestants

1. Kym Marsh. A heroic effort from the former nobody, who has now slipped even further down the celebrity league table. Despite getting no help from her dumb

other half, Jack Ryder, she still triumphed.

2. Keith Harris. Another solo effort as he was partnered by Orville the Duck.

3. Carrie Grant. She managed to shake off the ostentatious antics of husband David to guide them through to the final.

Worst Contestants

1. Jack Ryder. Even less help than Orville the Duck, he just nodded in a pseudo-sagacious manner whenever Kym got a question right, but his cover was blown when

he answered his only question: “What is 902 + 99?” As Kym stuttered, he piped up: “301!”

2. Stuart Wilson. He showed that even the “cleverest man” on Big Brother is still an intellectual dwarf.

3. Dick and Dom. The CBBC freaky twins’ high jinks were initially amusing, but soon they discovered an adult audience rapidly became impervious to their juvenile humour.

Other highlights:

• Words we’d thought we’d never hear uttered on television: “Statistically, the Cheeky Girls were the strongest link.” Which occurred twice.

• Anne Robinson: “Kym and Jack, have OK given you the day off?”

• Justin leaning over to confer with Colin about the number of minutes in half-an-hour.

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