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The Surgery, BBC2Dreadful youth programme with the unremarkable Jeff Leach appearing as the trendy version of Kilroy in a yawnsome discussion on dating.

Harry Hill’s TV Burp, ITV1

…and we have shock news. We were unimpressed by two items (the Heartbeat shaving foam incident and the Johnny’s Kingdom observations) but Harry as a wannabe Nancy was a classic and we loved the “fight” between the two slowcoach extras.

ER, Channel 4

Neela’s Bollywood princess cousin brought a bit of fabness to this week’s episode, in between the sorry sagas of the raped soldier and kid with Aids. And if the County bosses don’t promote Gregory Pratt we will be very annoyed. Be warned.

The Soup, E! Entertainment

We used to watch the UK version of this TV Burp-like show when our beloved Iain Lee was the host (before it was cruelly axed) and we’ve recently become hooked on the US original. Joel McHale is the sarcastic host, running through, and running down, the week’s events, mainly in all those horrible reality shows. This week, a child star vomited and Tyra Banks showed off.

Clay, BBC1

which we’ve reviewed here

Casualty 1907 BBC1

which we’ve reviewed here

Gavin & Stacey, BBC3

The outcome of the excitement over Mike’s TV appearance was predictable and seeing our heroes arguing was harrowing, but we did love Marc Wootton as estate agent Duncan (“What you’ve got here is your wet room slash kitchen”), Ness’s bowling and the tender Ness-Smithy moment when they ate KFC while watching The Hits (we think Another Level was on) and the consumption of the last corn-on-the-cob became a metaphor for having sex.

Pulling, BBC3

This week’s episode puts it well ahead in the Best Sitcom on TV Right Now list. It’s like Peep Show with period pains. Louise’s forgiveness of her date, a recovering flasher, smacked of her usual desperation. Karen was her usual slutty self, kneeling naked patiently while boozy Billy tried to summon up an erection. But Donna dominated, trying hard to pretend to dowdy old friend Catherine that she was cultured (“We watch Newsnight, 24, News 24”) and had made something of her life; we knew she was shallow, Catherine didn’t.

Brothers & Sisters, E4We did summon up the strength to watch the second episode of Dirty Sexy Money and it wasn’t as bad as we feared. However, Brothers & Sisters remains our favourite family drama series. It was worth watching for Rob Lowe’s tan – and the topless vicar. Plus the impromptu living room dance session which reminded us of a Coronation Street party, circa 1978. Place your bets now on Justin surviving the roadside bomb scare in Iraq. They’re only playing on our emotions. He’ll be fine.

Damages, BBC1

The pieces are falling into place in, we’re upset to say, a rather obvious way. We were hoping for some more sensational twists. Maybe the last episode will have some final surprises.

Skins, E4

Bit of a dull episode – pregnancy, illness, far too much of the loathsome Cassie and only a tiny bit of Max (with nicely down-to-earth boyfriend).

TV’s Believe It or Not, BBC4

which we’ve reviewed here

Rock Rivals, ITV1

…and we’re starting to like it. This week’s trash-packed episode featured Bethany’s prawn poisoning (serves her right for covering a Queen song), angel Luke in punk rock clothing (singing that boring Bad Day ballad), stalker Felix going increasingly doolally, Mel and Karina fighting dirty, the boyband imploding, and the horrible Angel disgraced for dissing disabled fans.

The Apprentice, BBC1

which we’ve reviewed here

Hughie Green: Most Sincerely, BBC4

which we’ve reviewed here

Desperate Housewives, Channel 4

The great lemon meringue war has broken out on Wisteria Lane between Bree (hooray) and Catherine (boo). Catherine: “The trick is finding the perfect blend between sweet and sour.” Bree: “Well, you’ve certainly mastered that, dear.”

The Apprentice: Worst Decisions, BBC2

which we’ve reviewed here

Holiday Homes from Hell, ITV1

Documentary about couples who have been driven into hell via the Spanish government, providing gratuitous misery by showing the collapse of a man who had lost his £300,000 Spanish home to bulldozers, with the camera slowly zooming on to his desperate wife.

Al Murray’s Happy Hour, ITV1

Wow, that new Queen track about being a C-lebrity on TV was woeful. Denise Van Outen was the best guest (we love her) and the best antic was Al’s Euro 2008 novelty anthem It Was Our Idea.

Later With Jools Holland, BBC2

which we’ve reviewed here

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