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Flood, ITV1

…which we’ve reviewed here

Waking the Dead, BBC1

This was the best story of the series – and even the Boyd/lost son Luke storyline had some substance this week. Religion and racism rubbed shoulders in a menace-packed plot in which a gay Jewish lad joined a bunch of skinheads who loved being topless and hugging each other. Ooh get them! They had also burned his black lover to death – and he was in the mood for revenge. So were they. Messy and bloody. And gripping.

Grand Designs Live, ITV1

…which we’ve reviewed here

British Soap Awards, ITV1

…which we’ve reviewed here

Child Of Our Time, BBC1

Robert Winston’s series is always fascinating – and the sort of factual television that doesn’t rely on gimmicks and sensationalism, and doesn’t pander to dummies by making everything sound like Jackanory (watch BBC Breakfast for a programme that does). There was sadness – seven-year-old Rhianna hating her body shape, Nathan deaing with the death of his gran – but most of the kids were living happy lives, despite the pressures of living up to their gender roles, underlined when the same lemonade was poured into two bottles: the boys loved Rocket pop but found Princess Pop disgusting; and vice versa.

The Apprentice, BBC1

…which we’ve reviewed here

Desperate Housewives, Channel 4

Not one of the funnier episodes bit it couldn’t be faulted for a lack of action. Bree and Orson fought over having baby Benjamin circumcised (she won, of course, by pretending she was Jewish after gatecrashing a bris), Lynette and her sisters fought over the right to not have mother to stay, Susan and Mike fought over his drugs stash, Katherine (hiss) flought with her daughter about the missing father mystery, and Gabby fought with”chicken-lipped albino” Victor, twice knocking him into the ocean in one of those chickens-will-come-home-to-roost plots.

Midnight Man, ITV1

…which we’ve reviewed here

The Graham Norton Show, BBC2

Minnie Driver was the star turn, funny and forthcoming and not shy about talking about her breasts (we even liked her singing new single Beloved), while Jimmy Carr was arrogant and overawed (we especially disliked his lame retelling of the Lembit Opik/Scrabble joke and for someone who has written a book about humour, he should have been able to come up with some analysis of what makes a good joke). The stunt of the show, trying to make Germans laugh, worked well, thanks to the incompetence of the humourless interpreter. And Graham made some good, albiet predictable, snipes at the Cheeky Girls. “A decision has been made to put their pop career on hold. That decision was made by you, the public.”

The Inbetweeners, E4

It didn’t retain the cleverness of the opener. It was a lot less literate, relying on comic capers for laughs (there still were plenty) as the lads headed for Thorpe Park in Simon’s embarrassingly yellow car to ride on the Nemesis Inferno.

Have I Got News For You, BBC1

Back on form after last week’s blustering Brian Blessed disaster, with the unassuming Bill Bailey in the chair. We loved Paul Merton’s laughter at the suggestion Boris Johnson could be mayor and his remark “I wish somebody else had a gun” in response to Jeremy Vine’s embarrassing election night stunt when he dressed as a gun-toting cowboy in a misguided attempt to please dim viewers (who were, of course, all tuned to ITV anyway). Guest Nick Robinson, that idiotic BBC political editor, was asked by Bill: “You know Jeremy Vine; is he a bit of a tit?” Robinson refused to confirm or deny the suggestion.

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