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Casualty 1907, BBC1Phew what a scorcher. “A hot May makes for a fat churchyard,” Sister Russell quipped as the poor lil mites of the East End withered in a heatwave, teen tearaway Nobby Clarke (Alfie Allen) returned with the liver of a 45-year-old man (his own), a stash of booze and some nasty anti-Semitic views. Highlight, though, was the strangely erotic scene when two nurses searched for a missing ring in a saucepan of porridge.

Headcases, ITV1
…which we’ve reviewed here
Damages, BBC1

The climaxes came thick and fast as this superior US crime drama came to an end (but not before wrenching us back and forward in time so often we had to take notes). Ted Danson’s Arthur Frobisher got his comeuppance – twice; Glenn Close’s Patty Hewes achieved the victory she needed – but at a price; and Ellen Parsons lost her innocence but won her freedom. Last week, we said a sequel would be a mistake, but with a Ellen v Patty battle on the cards, it could just work.

Brothers & Sisters, E4

A mawkish episode following Justin’s heroic return from Iraq with a bust-up leg, some nasty grazes and some sexy stubble. He’s now back home, in the land of cheeseburgers, shockjocks, lovely hair and indulgent introspection.

Skins, Channel 4

Another boring Cassie-crammed episode when we needed some Maxie-packed fun (or maybe he’s so busy shagging his new boyfriend the cameras have been forced to keep out of his life). Sending the insufferable Cassie to New York would have been fine – if the cameras had not gone with her. Series two started off so well but it has degenerated into unwatchable pap.

Chuck, Virgin 1

…which we’ve reviewed here

Champions League, ITV1

Wethinks that Clive Tydlesley got a bit carried away with himself watching Liverpool v Arsenal. “From the workplace to Windsor Castle, it’s one of those did-you see games.” Yes, he actually said that. Idiot.

Mad Men, BBC4/BBC2

We haven’t written about this much-applauded US drama but we have been watching. It is impressive, looks great (with swirls of smoke in the starkly-lit offices of Sterling Cooper) and offers a satirical critique of the advertising business. But we can’t warm to any of the characters apart from Peggy (Elisabeth Moss), the Ugly Betty of the piece – and most of them are obnoxious misogynist creeps. We’ll stick with it but it’s not going to figure in our Top 10 of the year.

The Fixer, ITV1

Didn’t like it as much this week as John Mercer was pitted against Patrick Finch (a nicely unhinged performance by Patterson Joseph) with some bloody rooftop fighting as the climax. Not very original; not very gripping.

Shameless, Channel 4

Not a bad end the latest 16-part run of the Chatsworth saga. Ian’s fantasy – he’s straight and tough – provided us with a scary glimpse of a plump, trackie-filling Debbie, Carl’s obsession with the child-snatcher’s breasts was funny, and the parallel stories of Frank and Monica in hospital had some hilarious and touching moments.

The Wall, BBC3

…which we’ve reviewed here

The Apprentice, BBC1
…which we’ve reviewed here

Frankie Howerd: Rather You Than Me, BBC4…which we’ve reviewed here

Rock Rivals, ITV1
Fell flat this week with overused plot devices – memory loss, overheard conversation, shock pregnancy – although the Felix/Luke storyline got nice and steamy.

Desperate Housewives, Channel 4
Good for Lynette for pointing out that “macaroni cheese is halfway to vomit”. It’s a dish we’ve never liked and if you invite thecustard.tv round for dinner, please don;t give it to us. Best scene this week was Susan at the skanky gynaecologist’s practice in thw wrong side of town where she sat nervously on a tissue in the waiting room and came away convinced that the doctor had snapped her provate parts using his mobile phone. Second best scene: Lynette’s charades mime of Hang ‘Em High, pointing at recent suicide attempter Edie as a clue.

Celebrity Come Dine with Me, Channel 4
But as soon as we realised how awful the ‘celebrities’ were (Tamara Beckwith, Lynsey de Paul, Jonathan Ansell and MC Harvey), we switched off. Is that not the weakest ‘celebrity’ line-up ever?

The Office, ITV2
The clash of the Christmas parties was hilarious (The Committee to Plan Parties v The Party Planning Committee, Pet Benatar and Alanis Morissete songs on karaoke v the Sugar Plum Fairy on a ghetto blaster, booze v brownies). And we also loved Michael’s confusion when he couldn’t tell which of the two Oriental waitresses he had pulled (forcing him to scribble a marker pen mark on the arm of the one who was, all too briefly, his).

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