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Tonight sees the welcome return of Gogglebox to Channel 4. It’ll be in a prime time slot for the first time in its short history and has been expanded to an hour. When it first began there were a lot of cynics who couldn’t understand why watching others watch television was entertaining. As a TV fanatic I loved it from the word go. With almost everything turned into a reality show these days it struck me as odd that this idea had taken so long to arrive on a screens. The producers were even smart enough to get Caroline Aherne and Craig Cash of the glorious Royle Family to narrate what is basically a real life version of their hit comedy.

Channel 4/Studio Lambert.

The joy of Gogglebox is the brilliant comments you get from the contributors. Of course they’re funny, but they’re also insightful and often moving. In an age where broadcasters have the bizarre notion that moving things online is a step forward Gogglebox proves that you can’t beat sitting in front of a television for proper entertainment and debate.  The quick turnaround on each episode means that the we get to see the goggleboxers views on the big news stories of the week. Gogglebox is far more than watching people make funny comments on their favourite programmes, it’s a series that cleverly shines a light on modern Britain.

The highlights from last series included the Goggleboxers’ reaction to Hayley’s right to die storyline in Coronation Street and the discussions that that led to. Also their emotional reactions to the final episode of Educating Yorkshire which made me blubber all over again. I would say watching the Goggleboxers watch those scenes from Educating Yorkshire was one of the best bits of TV in the whole of 2013.

I’m willing to bet that the majority of Gogglebox naysayers haven’t actually sat down and enjoyed an episode. There’s someone here for most everyone to relate to. If I have one concern about tonight’s return it’s the hour long format. I hope the extended running time doesn’t make it feel more drawn out than normal, and I also hope we get to see the armchair critics views on contemporary news and programmes and less of the old films that they covered in episodes last time round.  So, if you’re one of those people who dismissed Gogglebox I urge you to give it a go tonight, I guarantee you’ll enjoy it!

Gogglebox returns tonight at 9.00pm on Channel 4 

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