Why We’re Excited For ‘Daredevil’ On Netflix

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It’s shaping up to be a very busy start to the year in television. Just this week, we saw the grand finale of Amy Poehler’s beloved sitcom Parks and Recreation and fans all over the world are gearing up for new seasons of Game of Thrones and House of Cards. But among this excitement, one monumental upcoming TV event has flown under the radar to some extent. This April, in an effort to add to its growing list of successful pet projects, Netflix will finally debut its long-rumoured DAREDEVIL television show. Here’s why we’re excited about it.

For starters, the trailer is more or less enthralling. Dark, sinister, and ominous, it seems equal parts sci-fi prelude and urban crime drama, and the cinematography appears unabashedly Batman Begins-esque. A quick scene of a dark figure dashing through shipping containers as ricocheting bullets spark flashes in the night is directly reminiscent of a scene from Christopher Nolan’s first Batman film. Furthermore, the trailer indicates that this show will attempt to give us a feel for the Daredevil character’s heightened senses. Presumably because of his blindness, it seems that we will hear vaguely distorted echoes of faraway conversations, which makes for an intriguing dynamic. Yes, the writing sounds a tad campy at times (“I’m not asking for forgiveness for what I’ve done, Father… I’m asking for forgiveness for what I’m about  to do!”), but altogether, it’s an exciting trailer.

Secondly, the character itself is exciting, at least for fans of comic book heroes. Frankly, Daredevil deserves another shot after the horrendous Ben Affleck films seemingly cast him into oblivion for a decade. It’s almost strange to recall, at this point, that Daredevil is actually one of Marvel’s most popular heroes, after Spider-Man and the core avengers. And yet, the only presence the character really retains in modern entertainment is in online gaming. Daredevil is the theme and inspiration for a popular slot machine arcade game, and it’s actually interesting to see not only for its gameplay but for its company. At this site, the game’s surrounding counterparts lend some credibility to the assertion that he truly is among Marvel’s greatest. The site hosts similar games for Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, the X-Men, Thor, Spider-Man… and Daredevil! All this is to say, it’s nice to see the character making a comeback.  Here’s hoping it goes better than the last attempt.

And finally, if we’re going to talk about the characters, we may as well talk about the cast, which appears to be another legitimate foundation for eager anticipation. The full cast and crew are listed here but among the noteworthy names are Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, Rosario Dawson, and Vincent d’Onofrio. Cox will play the lead role of Matt Murdock/Daredevil, and at this point it is best known for his turn as Owen Slater on Boardwalk Empire (though he also had a small role in the Oscar-nominated film The Theory Of Everything Woll is recognisable as TRUE BLOOD’s Jessica Hamby. Dawson and d’Onofrio are the established pros of the bunch, each having had an excellent career. It’s an intriguing group featuring a nice blend of up-and-coming talent and veteran strength.

In all of that—an appealing first look, anticipation for a reboot of the character, and a strong cast—there appears to be a great collection of ingredients for a successful show. Throw in the intriguing chatter that Marvel is apparently aiming to produce the show like one giant film in order to take advantage of the Netflix streaming format, and this is certainly a TV event to look forward to.

Daredevil arrives on Netlix in the UK on April 10th.

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