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The Island returned last week to Channel 4. This time the sadistic Bear Grylls and co have put 14 men on one Island and 14 women on another. In a masterstroke of scheduling Channel 4 have decided to show each episode on consecutive nights. We’re only two weeks in but the show has blown any potential stereotypes apart, with the men throwing strops, leaving in their droves and sniping at each other at every opportunity.  The Men’s Island may be awash with bitchy comments and know-it-alls, but they’re unaware of the utter commotion  female counterparts are encountering.

Both Islands may be experiencing similar issues, but even after two episodes, one thing is becoming overtly clear: The Women’s Island is the superior show. I can take or leave the bitching and moaning that seems to engulf the men’s experience, I’d go so far as to say the Women’s Island is one of the most compelling, traumatic and at times most hilarious programmes TV has chucked my way this year. I can understand if viewers were put off by the raucous nature of the first episode of the Men’s Island but, if you’ve dismissed the Women’s Island you’re truly missing out. The men had a fairly incident free journey from Bear Gryll’s flashy speedboat through the dense jungle to reach their final sandy destination.    The Women didn’t fare half as well.

From the moment Mr. Grylls abandoned them they fought their way through the luscious green jungle which seemed to take an instant dislike to them as a group. They all managed to stay positive, but with night drawing closer they made the clearly misguided decision to bed down on a floor which happened to be home to every insect David Attenborough has ever told us about! Despite this clear rookie mistake, it’s hard not to feel for the women. They’re keen, they’re not shouty  and you find yourself willing them to succeed. The decision that has defined these first two episodes and made such engrossing TV is the decision a group of the women made to leave the camp and venture out in hopes of finding ‘the beach’.

With little water, and absolutely no clue where they were supposed to be going, the eager group set off certain of finding paradise around the next corner. With water running out, the women discovered finding a beach wasn’t the easy task they’d assumed. Before long, and still wrestling with all the jungle could throw a them, the women ran out of water! This trek made anything ITV have subjected their celebrities to in I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here look like a relaxing weekend away in Australia.  With incredible thirsts and dwindling patience, the women stumbled upon an abandoned beach, which luckily fore them contained some coconuts. With renewed confidence the group head to collect the others. Here’s where it becomes a real emotional rollercoaster, and that’s a phrase I hate using! The women battle their way through the same stubborn jungle, their water supplies slowly start to dwindle once more when they realise they’ve go around in the huge circle and are back at the beach! Watching them literally going in circles was, if I’m brutally honest absolutely hilarious. I found myself shouting uncontrollably at the TV at the sheer madness of it. By the end of last night’s incredible episode the women were reunited, but only because the smaller group from the original camp had grown impatient and had set off to look for them.

I can’t tell you how invested I was in their fruitless journey. If this were an episode of a sitcom I’d label it as ridiculous and turn off after a few minuets, but this was incredibly engrossing. There were times I was hoping the production team would intervene and put an end to it, and equally wishing they’d keep circling and never find their way back.

If you haven’t seen it you must catch up asap you’ll be as invested as I was I promise. I’d also like to note that I managed to write a whole piece on this and avoided jokes about a woman’s sense of direction.


The Island Continues Wednesday at 9.00pm on Channel 4

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