Would I Lie To You?, BBC1

by | Jun 16, 2007 | All, Reviews

These comedy panel games are diverting enough, but the proliferation of the genre means they’re no longer must-see TV programmes (apart from Have I Got News For You).

What was good about It?

• Team Captains Lee Mack and David Mitchell

• Lee’s opinion of David as an old fuddy-duddy who wouldn’t have possible gone to see Kill Bill (he has and was mightily offended at the suggestion that he hadn’t).David was also a young fuddy-duddy, it seems. “Aged five I wrote to Playschool to suggest how they could resolve a union dispute,” he confessed.

• The best of the guests was Frankie Boyle on WILTY; Dom Joly on the same show wasn’t bad

What was bad about It?

• Host Angus Deyton has become predictable, you can guess his jokes coming a mile off and his schoolmasterliness seems very staged these days.

• The ‘civilian’ guests only rarely work. Natalie Cassidy annoys us; Duncan Bannatyne worked as the butt of a few good jokes (mainly about his ban on buying paper clips and his accent “I’ll be honest, I’m getting every other word,” said Lee); and the horrible

Luke Knowles

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