X-Factor Chart 2016: Express Yourself Week

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It’s back, after what seems like months of auditions, chairs and plush villas in the sun it’s time for the glitz and glamour of The X-Factor live shows. For the third year in a row I’ll be giving my own personal opinion on the best and worse performances  and ranking them in a handy weekly chart. So without further ado let’s get going.

1. Relley C – Shackles 

I can’t say I’d particularly paid attention to Relley in the run-up to the live shows and I have to say that I generally wasn’t enthused with any of the acts that Mrs. O had put through to live shows. However Relley’s version of Mary Mary’s Shackles was definitely the performance which combined both entertainment and vocal skills. My only issue with whether Relley will connect with an audience because outside of the fact she’s from Birmingham and works in a hotel I don’t feel I know that much about her.

2. 5 After Midnight – Can’t Stop the Rhythm 

It must be quite intimidating to open the first X-Factor live show but I feel the dancing boyband did it with a lot of gusto. Their version of the Justin Timberlake hit may not have been note perfect but was a fitting way to introduce themselves to the public and I felt they did a good job at making a memorable impression first time round.

3. Gifty Louise – That’s My Girl 

I’ve been a big fan of Gifty’s ever since she didn’t quite make it onto the show last year and she’s already established herself as somebody who could realistically have a recording career of the back of the programme. As a whole her performance of Fifth Harmony’s That’s My Girl was energetic and memorable however I don’t think it displayed her full vocal range. But at the end of the day this was definitely one of the stand out moments of what I felt to be a rather dull show elsewhere.

4. Matt Terry – You Don’t Own Me 

I’ve been agonising over where to place my namesake on this chart as I was underwhelmed by his performance as a whole but at the same time I can appreciate his vocal range. Matt seems like a terribly nice guy but at the same time hasn’t really ever made me sit up and pay attention to him as a singer. Tonight’s performance was definitely a good start, especially the falsetto, but I feel he’s needs to do something really memorable in order to further himself in the competition.

5. Emily Midlemas – Closer 

Emily was someone who really impressed me in the earlier stages of the competition, but tonight she was saddled with the ‘song changed at the last minute’ story. As I’m in my thirties I had to Google the song she sang and was surprised to learn that it was currently number one. Whilst I felt Emily did a good job with the song, I do agree with Nicole that at points it didn’t seem like it was going anywhere. Hopefully next week she’ll bring back the guitar, unless it’s disco week then that’ll be a struggle.

6. Freddy Parker – Killing me Softly 

Another contestant who shines when playing an instrument is Freddie Parker who had two thirds of an amazing performance and one third of a mediocre turn tonight. I think Simon was right, had Freddie stayed behind the piano then he would have fared a lot better but as it is he had to go full on disco at the end. I fear that Nicole really has all her attention on Matt and Ryan so Freddy feels like somewhat of an afterthought.

7. Saara Aalto – Let it Go 

I don’t know how exactly Saara ended up in the final twelve as Sharon didn’t seem to be that enamoured with her until she got into her judges’ homes. Tonight’s performance felt like a Eurovision act on acid as Saara warbled her way through the Frozen tune hitting some very scary notes in the process. Saara does feel like she does belong on Saturday night TV, however it’s over on BBC Four solving crimes in a drama double bill.

8. Honey G – California Love 

It’s really hard to know where to place Honey G on the list as she is entertaining but at the same time has very little talent. I think that if she is taking herself seriously then she shouldn’t go into the ‘you say Honey, I Say G’ rap so darn quickly. At the same time I can’t say I wasn’t entertained and without Honey G I feel this series would be that little bit poorer. Also, Louis bringing 2Pac back to life was almost as good as when he tried to kill off Berry Gordy.

9. Ryan Lawrie – Perfect 

A duo of forgettable performances starting with Scottish Ryan’s version of the One Direction hit which I found to be incredibly bland. In prior, stronger years of The X-Factor I feel Matt, Ryan and even Freddie may have been placed in a boy band but the talent pool is so weak this year that they’re the final three boys.

10. Sam Lavery – Impossible 

Sam’s still banging on about Simon being right about her taking off her make-up which to be honest I found to be more than a little creepy. Her version of the song made famous by James Arthur was ok in places but weak in others and by the end of the night I’d completely forgotten about her. However I hope she’s not eliminated for a couple of weeks as her family seem to have spent a lot of money on those ‘Sam to win’ T-shirts.

11. Bratavio – Boom Boom Boom/Barbie Girl 

I thought Bratavio was some sort of salad leave? Or is it a discount shoe shop? In any case chicken buddies Bradley and Ottavio brought on a multi-coloured performance that felt like I was listening to a non-stop novelty hour on Absolute Radio 90s. In other years Louis could at least claim Bratavio were bringing the fun factor to the show but with another novelty act in Honey G stealing the limelight I do feel that the uni mates could be the first to go home.

N/A. Brooks Way 

Whilst Louis had a mix night in terms of his two acts his third group; twin-duo Brooks Way, had been planning to perform only to be pulled from the show at the last moment. Reports coming in say it has something to do with a police report being filed but it does mean that Louis could be down to one group by next week. Fingers crossed if The Brooks do leave the show then another, more talented group who were knocked at judges’ homes could take their place.

Well that’s the X-Factor started for another year, what do you think of my list? And what did you think of the show in general?

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