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I think secretly this was the week that we were looking forward to the most as the nation’s secret favourite judge Louis Walsh took centre stage as the acts were in theory tasked with singing some of his favourite hits. However, instead of this being full of disco classics, it seems that Louis loves Little Mix and Bruno Mars as much as he loves Abba and Britney. This week also saw the contestants perform twice, the second song being one of their own choosing, and I’ve decided to rank both performances separately in order to bring you a top ten rundown of tonight’s show.

1. Saara Aalto – The Winner Takes it All 

After seeing Saara play piano in her VT last week it was great to see her finally do so on the live shows. I think this helped add authenticity to her almost note-perfect take on the ABBA hit which she performed tenderly and made you believe every word. This to me was definitely Saara’s best performance to date and I hope it keeps her in the contest.

2. Emily Middlemas – Toxic 

After a bit of a dodgy start I think Emily really got into this ukulele-heavy cover of the Britney Spears hit and in the words of the great Louis Walsh she ‘made it her own’. Just like with her cover of Radiohead’s Creep, Emily was allowed to let go here and just hearing her voice along with an instrument was a joy. What I didn’t like however was the staging as it really did all fit together but that was a minor quibble about what I generally found to be one of Emily’s better outings.

3. Emily Middlemas – Human 

In my opinion tonight belonged to Emily, after completely changing up the Britney song earlier in the night she came back and attacked a song that nobody had heard of. Although this wasn’t on the level of Fleur East and Uptown Funk, I found that her performance showed me that the Scottish songstress could be a contemporary artist. Whilst Nicole was right about Emily not fully attacking the song I personally feel she’s done enough to get into next week’s semi-final.

4. 5 After Midnight – Uptown Funk 

As always the guys put on a good show and this song certainly suited their style perfectly. However I do feel that at times the trio rely too much on their dance moves and here inserted a dance break instead of performing any of the second verse. Whilst I do appreciate that this is their defining characteristic I personally feel that they should be doing as much singing as dancing if they want to go on and win the show.

5. Matt Terry – Alive 

Matt certainly took more of a risk the second time round and I felt he put more passion in here than he did into his Little Mix cover. However at times I felt that the song ate him up and it was a little too big for him but overall I do applaud him for having a stab at the song in order to nab a place in next week’s semi-final.

6. Saara Aalto – Diamonds are Forever/Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend 

After we saw Saara’s serious side earlier in the show here we saw her kookier aspects utilised in this diamonds medley which felt like we’d regressed back into the Louis Loves portion of the show. Of all of the contestants I feel Saara possesses the most stage presence but I do think that at times she has problems connecting with the audience voting at home.

7. 5 After Midnight – Sorry/One Dance 

This to me was on the poorer end of 5 After Midnight performances and I actually drifted off during their cover of the Justin Bieber smash. They did pull it back briefly when they added a bit of Drake into the mix but overall I found this to be an underwhelming experience.

8. Matt Terry – Secret Love Song 

Although I loved Matt last week for me his version of the Little Mix lacked any sort of performance value which you really need if you’re opening the show. It was just one of those performances that meandered along nicely but ultimately never went anywhere. That being said Matt’s still a fine song and this was note perfect but at the end of the day it just wasn’t for me.

9. Honey G – U Can’t Touch This/Superfreak 

Unfortunately the novelty act always comes undone when they have to perform two songs in one week and that’s what happened here with Honey G. Although her performance of the MC Hammer track initially started well by the time we got to the dance break it all felt a little naff. Additionally I felt Honey G was simply being insulted by the backing track labelling her a ‘superfreak’ and the less said about the stage-managed post-performance run-in the better.

10. Honey G – Push It/Black Beetles

This one purely wins points due to everyone bar Honey G partaking in the mannequin challenge during the second part of this mash-up. But why in the name of all that is holy did someone think it was a good idea for Honey G to rap all over Push It as in my opinion it was The X-Factor equivalent of a cold shower.

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