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Last night’s X-Factor was an odd one to say the least. With the tragedy in Paris hanging over the show it felt slightly wrong enjoying the antics of some of the acts as well as the presenters’ tributes to various movies. Odder still was Simon’s opening monologue where he talked about what had happened in France which felt out of place on a Saturday night entertainment show. This was also a strange movie week as both Monica and Lauren, who had their songs changed because of the events, seemingly sang songs that they knew. But despite this odd atmosphere the episode flowed better than last week’s and the performance level was relatively high.

1. Louisa Johnson – Everybody’s Free

It’s been clear now for a number of weeks that Louisa is the biggest project for this year’s show as I think she’s the best candidate to have a successful career following the show. Her performance of the cover of Everybody’s Free from Romeo and Juliet was the first time that I saw anything in her and the people I was watching the show with found her equally captivating. However, I have to admit that the emotional reaction from Rita Ora was a little much in my opinion and Louisa still has a long way to go before she becomes a decent all-rounder.

2. Che Chesterman – When a Man Loves a Woman

Che is definitely the most consistent of the nine acts left in the competition but at the same time I feel that he hasn’t really had a song that has tested his limits. Once again this soul classic was in his comfort zone and he ended the show on the high note it desperately needed. At the same time I’d like to see Che tackle a different type of genre next week to see how versatile he actually is.

3. 4th Impact – Work It

As regular readers of the chart know I’ve not been a fan of the sister act since the start of the live shows mainly due to the inappropriate staging they have been given. However this week their attire and dancing suited the Beyonce song they were given and I felt they gave their best turn yet. I also have to admire Celina for carrying on with the song despite fainting just before the group went on stage especially as you couldn’t guess she was ill during the girls’ performance.

4. Anton Stephans – I Have Nothing

After last week’s silliness Anton was back to doing what he does best namely belting out iconic ballads whilst his crazy eyes roam free. This week saw Anton warble his way through the classic Whitney ballad whilst being bathed in black and white which made him look like a character from Sin City. Anton is also the first person to ever make the words of the song sound like a threat and the line ‘don’t you dare walk away from me’ sounded particularly sinister.

5. Monica Michael – What is Love?

Monica made the most of a bad situation after her original song choice of ‘Bang Bang He Shot Me Down’ was rightly deemed inappropriate after the tragedy in France. Her version of What is Love was definitely a step up on her performance last week and demonstrated what sort of music she would be singing if she found success after the show.

6. Lauren Murray – One Last Time 

Lauren’s performance on last night’s show almost had hints of a sing-off song especially given the title of the Ariane Grande track she was given. Overall I think, like Monica, Lauren did the best she could and the two girls’ performances were very similar. In fact I only put Monica higher as I felt she’d improved more from last whilst Lauren did show any signs of improvement.

7. Reggie N Bolli – Who Let the Dogs Out

Reggie N Bolli’s performance of the song from that cinematic masterpiece that was The Rugrats Movie just didn’t have the energy of their turn from last week. In fact the boys looked visibly tired backstage and I do feel that they’re working the hardest of any of the acts. That being said their performance was still entertaining and they are one of the only acts who can convincingly pull of up tempo numbers.

8. Mason Noise – Men in Black

Apparently this week Mason was going back to his roots as the bad boy of the signing competition but I saw no evidence of this during his performance of the Will Smith hit. While he excelled during the rap segments of the song, his dancing was lacklustre and some of the vocals were off kilter. However I do feel that he’ll be saved tonight due to the fact that he was a shock participant in last week’s sing-off.

9. Max Stone – Secret Garden

I’ll be mightily shocked if Max stays in the competition another week as he sticks out like a sore thumb amongst the accomplished vocalists and versatile performers. Although I think that Max was given the best song he’s had so far I don’t think he delivered a memorable performance and was battling against an overly loud backing track.

So there are my thoughts on last night’s show, who do you think still deserves a place in the competition? Leave your comments below.

Matt Donnelly

Matt Donnelly


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