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It’s time for disco week usually an occasion that gets the toes tapping and all the crowd on their feet dancing. Apart from that is if you’re one of the performers on this year’s X-Factor then it’s all about singing out of key or performing an off kilter version of an iconic disco track in an attempt to make the audience believe you’re contemporary. Despite this being arguably the flattest week of this year’s live shows I’ll still endeavour to rank the performances from best to worst.

1. 5 After Midnight – Boogie Wonderland/September 

Once again the boys are at the top of my charts and mainly thanks to the second half of their Earth, Wind and Fire medley. I personally feel that they would’ve got the crowd going sooner if they’d have just done September but they ended on a high with another snappy dance routine. Unfortunately I do have a feeling that they may soon end up in the bottom two.

2. Matt Terry – Best of My Love 

Matt is the most consistent singer in the competition and I think at the moment he’s a lock to win the whole thing. His performance of Best of My Love was another solid turn and he sung it well but again there was no real effort put into it and I just don’t find him that captivating as an artist.

3. Saara Aalto – Enough is Enough 

Saaraa turned down the crazy Eurovision stuff this week and tried to connect to the British public by being patronising on loads of radio stations. The reason that she’s so high in the chart this week is because she got into the theme a little more than the other acts and that she’s one of the best singers in the competition. However, just like Matt, I feel there’s an issue with getting to know Saara as a person and I think this might be the week where she finally goes home.

4. Emily Middlemas – Wishing on a Star 

This is where the John Lewis bubble finally burst as Emily had a rather off week with this disco ballad. While she still has one of the best voices in the competition I personally felt there were some weaker moments here as she went slightly off-key. That being said I think Emily is one of the more likeable competitors this year and should sail through to next week.

5. Honey G – Stayin’ Alive

Well this wasn’t one of Honey G’s best performances but at least her energetic presence perked up what was a rather stagnant night by all accounts. I think by putting her on last, the producers have saved her for another week however I’m hoping for another victory celebration as good as last week’s leather trousers fiasco.

6. Ryan Lawrie – Play That Funky Music 

It was a battle for the bottom this week as I wasn’t sure who was the worst when it came to their disco performances. If ever there was a man who wasn’t made for disco then it’s Ryan Lawrie whose request to play that funky music would’ve been politely declined by anyone who he sung this song to. Now that the save me vote has gone look for Ryan in the bottom two tomorrow night and hopefully he’ll be going home and we won’t have to endure any more of the underwhelming Scottish youngster.

7. Sam Lavery – I Will Survive 

But while Ryan was just as dull as ever, Sam wasn’t almost offensive with her cover of arguably the biggest disco song of all. The way she sung the song didn’t flatter her voice at all whilst her trademark shouty vocals didn’t work in disco week. I honestly don’t know what Gloria Gaynor has done to deserve her song being murdered like this but obviously she’s irked Simon Cowell at some point. On the plus side Sam was wearing some nice shiny disco trousers.

So that’s my list, do you agree? Please let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @mattstvbites.

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