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As always there’s been a lot of controversy about Fright Night being picked as this week’s theme as people spend the weekend celebrating Halloween. Although those behind the show claim that it was just a coincendce I’d questioned why they’d have Fright Night as a theme if there was even a chance of this happening. To be honest with you I’m not bothered if it was fixed or not as Fright Night is generally the week where a lot of the contestants step up and I have to say that generally the performance level was high. As always I’m on hand to throw my opinions out there and present you with the chart of this week’s nine performances ranked from best to worse.

1. Emily Middlemas – Creep  

For weeks I’ve been waiting for Emily to stop being the ‘John Lewis ad’ girl and actually come into her own. That happened last night with her version of Radiohead’s Creep which was haunting and perfectly fit into the Halloween theme. It definitely demonstrated that Emily was more than a Scottish girl with a nice voice and she marked herself out as a contender for the first time since the live shows kicked off.

2. Matt Terry – I Put a Spell on You

Similarly Matt is someone who has always been a solid pair of hands in the vocal department but hasn’t ever wowed me from a performance aspect. However his choice of song suit him perfectly and allowed him to flex his vocal chords whilst also demonstrating a large amount of stage presence which I hadn’t seen from him up to this point.

3. Gifty Louise – I’m in Love With a Monster

Gifty gave another reliable performance although I don’t think the decision to give her another unknown Fifth Harmony song was the right one. Although Gifty rose to the challenge and was still a cut above the other contestants I didn’t feel the same connection to her that I did last week. I just hope the audience don’t feel the same and Gifty sails through to next week as she more than deserves to.

4. Four of Diamonds – Ghost

I think this is the one that some people may disagree with however I thought Four of Diamonds finally showcased who they wanted to be as a group last night. The Ella Henderson song suited them perfectly and the staging of the performance wasn’t as strange as it was last week. In fact I would go as far as to say that this is the first time that the girls sounded like they’d united as a group and I hope that they don’t end up in the bottom two again.

5. Saara Aalto – Bad Romance 

 Saara is an odd contestant to place as her new crazy Eurovision entry act is a little bit Marmite. Whilst I didn’t think her Lady Gaga performance was as great as her Bjork tribute there was still a lot to like about Saara’s performance. However I do think it’s a little bit too late to introduce another novelty act into the contest, albeit one with a strong voice, especially seeing as we already have Honey G.

6. Five After Midnight – Thriller 

Sometimes I wonder if the judges hear something different than we do at home and Five After Midnight’s version of the Michael Jackson classic is a case in point. I felt the trio actually achieved the mighty feat of making this lively track sound rather subdued and their vocals weren’t that strong throughout. That being said their dance moves are possibly best in the competition and it’s when they don’t sing that Five After Midnight excel the most.

7. Sam Lavery – Total Eclipse of the Heart 

Although it’s clear that Sam is improving I still don’t feel she’s found her voice quite yet and instead is being tasked with belting out power ballads week after week. After a strong start, I found she just started simply shouting during her version of the Bonnie Tyler hit and furthermore I don’t particularly find her to be that much of a performer.

8. Honey G – Men in Black 

All of Honey G’s performances are essentially the same so it’s hard to differentiate one from the other. In fact I found this to be one of Honey’s best performances just because she managed to get through most of the song rather than just reverting to the ‘I Say Honey, you say G’ bit that she normally lapses into during the second half of her performances.

9. Ryan Lawrie – Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)

Ryan supposedly had a change in attitude this week although to me he just look like an EMO kid who’d got dressed up to go to his local youth club’s Halloween party. I found everything about his performance to be incredibly dated and hope that the public finally stop saving him as I’d like to see if he’d actually step up if he found himself in the sing-off.

And that’s your lot for this week, get in touch on Twitter @mattstvbites to tell me what you think of this week’s list and I’ll see you next time for more of the same.

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