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by | Oct 26, 2008 | All, Reviews

Did we like it?

Big band night is normally big bland night but this year’s swingtime was hugely entertaining with several of great performances.

What was good about it?

• The viewers voted according to the performances on offer and the worst two collected the fewest votes. Scott’s That’s Life was poor and he was being increasingly exposed as a weak singer among the strong voices, so it’s no surprise that he was eliminated. We’d have rather have seen the demise of Daniel who should have shone during big band week was as dull and unmemorable as ever.

• The excellent performances of Ruth’s Summertime, Alexandra’s Candyman, Austin’s Mack The Knife, Diana’s Smile and Rachel’s Feeling Good.

What was bad about it?

• Daniel playing the dead wife card in the sing-off. The soppy panel fell for it, the fools. We’d suggest this career plan to Scott – get married to a woman with a terminal illness and enter again next year with a new, bigger, better sob story. The fact that you were missing your mother was always going to be trumped by Daniel’s tale of wifely woe. (Incidentally, JLS are now playing the my-MS-mum card; the other acts must be hoping a close relative succumbs to something nasty sharpish).

• Lousy Louis with his pathetic get-you indignation; Dannii’s histrionics (that “scwhing” gesture was so embarrassing) and Cheryl’s undiscerning judgement.

• Dannii’s caked-on make up, Eoghan’s bonkers birdsnest hairdo and his feeble L.O.V.E., Ruth’s get-your-tits-out-for-the-votes dress, Austin’s sofa material suit, Diana’s inkpot-in-the-eyes make-up, Diana’s jauntily angled beret.

• Laura got too much praise for her version of Billie Holiday’s God Bless The Child. Almost every word was inaudible – or maybe that doesn’t matter in these days of worshipping Winehouse and Katatona-mania.

• Dermot asking JLS about their favourite colours. How he has fallen.

• The dreary charity single Hero, performed by all 12 finalists – but mimed.

• Scott’s ability to contain his anger after losing out to Daniel. We were hoping him to lay into the judges for falling for Daniel’s opportunism. One consolation, you can be sure Daniel will be in the bottom two again next week when it’s disco night. He’ll be hideous.

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