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This week it’s time to return to the boardroom as Lord Sugar tries to practice his smile to welcome in the teenage hopefuls to the third series of Young Apprentice. The programme endeavours to present a softer side to his Lordship as he shows his love of young entrepreneurs by sending them off round London to complete the same tasks as their older counterparts. As with any Apprentice series there are plenty of characters to get to know so here on thecustardtv we present your cut-out and keep guide to this years candidates.

Alice Smith

Age: 17

Education: Studying for A-Levels in English Literature, Drama and Philosophy.

Work Experience: Farmer’s daughter Alice earns an income by selling fresh-hatched eggs from the farm while in addition she waitresses and works at her local golf shop.

My thoughts: She seems like a typical middle class girl who apparently enjoys playing golf and watching rugby so I’m sure she won’t mind getting mucked in during some of the tasks. Her audition video seems to suggest that she won’t be a project manager who shouts all the time but that may mean that she can’t make those all-important decisions.

Her Chances of Winning: While she doesn’t seem like someone who’d get themselves in the boardroom straight away she doesn’t come across as someone whose going to win either.

Amy Corrigan

Age: 17

Education: Studying for A-Levels in Media and Double Business.

Work Experience: Currently works as a waitress however her first job was serving in a fish and chip shop.

My Thoughts: Amy’s audition video seems to suggest somebody whose a ruthless businesswoman claiming that we’ve ‘never seen anyone like her before’ though I don’t think her arrogance will get her very far. She also comes across as a bit of a tomboy, which isn’t surprising seeing as she used to play for an U13 rugby team, a quality that will hopefully see her earn the respect of the male candidates.

Her Chances of Winning: If she is indeed like the ruthless character from her audition video then I don’t think she’ll last very long as her ego will rub the other candidates up the wrong way.

Andrew Tindall 

Age: 16

Education: Studying for A-Levels in Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry.

Work Experience: Began working at the age of 10 by selling greeting cards and donating 10% of the profits to charity.

My Thoughts: I warmed to Andrew as soon as I heard his Yorkshire accent and laughed when he described himself as a charmer. To me he is already one of the candidates who could create some great comic moments and his education seems to suggest that he’d be the ideal numbers man on any task.

His Chances of Winning: Without having seen him at work it’s hard to say but going from the audition video alone I’d say he was one of the strongest candidates. 

Ashleigh Porter-Exley 

Age: 17

Education: Studying for NVQ Level 2 in Business and Admin as well as taking an evening course in accountancy.

Work Experience: Currently works two jobs but in the past has held down four.

My Thoughts: Ashleigh comes across as the grafter of the group and if she was a male contestant I bet Lord Sugar would refer to her as a ditch-digger. She’s also incredibly frank and down-to-Earth qualities that could bode well on a competition in which so many people seem a little stuck-up.

Her Chances of Winning: To me she’s a candidate who will always pull their weight in tasks but may crumble when making decisions as project manager.

David Odhiambo 

Age: 17

Education: Studying for A-Levels in Maths, Economics and Philosophy and the Extended Project Qualification

Work Experience: Makes an income tutoring children but also has a paper round.

My Thoughts: Kenyan-born David certainly believes himself to be a natural leader though the fact he describes himself as a dictator is slightly worrying. He also believes that he the ladies love him thinking that he’ll be able to flirt with Karren in order for her to give a glowing report to Lord Sugar.

His Chances of Winning: Going from his video he certainly thinks a lot of himself so I’m sure Sugar will want to take him down a peg or two and possibly fire him at the first opportunity.

Lucy Beauvallet 

Age: 16

Education: Studying for A-Levels in French, Economics, Maths, English and Philosophy.

Work Experience: Runs her own cake business based on her passion for baking.

My Thoughts: Lucy certainly is ambitious but the fact she says she’s not a back-stabber and wants to make people feel relaxed around her is certainly refreshing. She also describes herself as being quirky and it’s fair to say that the big characters often stay around in the competition for a little while as they make good TV.

Her Chances of Winning: I honestly think she’ll do well and she is also fairly reminiscent of last year’s winner Zara.

Maria Doran 

Age: 17

Education: Studying for A-Levels in Business Studies, Drama and Politics.

Work Experience: She helps out in her father’s hotel but also sells designer goods online.

My Thoughts: Northern Irish Maria comes across as very feisty in her audition video though that’s not always a good thing. While she’s able to stand up for herself she also admits when she’s in the wrong a quality that could be a mistake if she’s one of the final three in the boardroom.

Her Chances of Winning: Sometimes being overly confident rubs other candidates up the wrong way and if she says the wrong thing to Lord Sugar then she could find herself being fired quite early on.

Max Grodecki 

Age: 16

Education: Studying for A-Levels in Early Modern History, English Literature, Latin and Economics.

Work Experience: Makes a living selling vintage clothes and collectables which one saw him net £1,000 after selling an unknown Lowry sketch.

My Thoughts: Max’s charisma shines through on his audition video where he says he’s not someone who shouts over everyone else which is a refreshing trait on a show like this. He also comes across as quite quirky through his love of opera and ballet while freely admitting that he doesn’t want to be normal.

His Chances of Winning: If he is able to stick to what he says in the video then I well believe that Max is one of the favourites to win the competition.

Navdeep Bual 

Age: 16

Education: Studying for A-Levels in Biology, Maths, Chemistry, Philosophy and Politics.

Work Experience: Navdeep is a budding politician and is the former UK’s young ambassador for the Global Campaign for Education.

My Thoughts: Navdeep claims that she doesn’t need a strategy to win The Apprentice which makes me believe that she’s never seen the programme before. She also claims that she’s a hard task-master and will hopefully teach Lord Sugar to be nicer to little kids, good luck with that one.

Her Chances of Winning: To me she seems like someone who the other candidates will like but won’t have that killer instinct that Lord Sugar looks for in his eventual winner.

Patrick McDowell 

Age: 16

Education: Studying for A-Levels in English Literature, Fine Art and Textiles.

Work Experience: Patrick was the youngest person to ever win Young Textiles Designer of the Year and now runs his own fashion label creating clothes and accessories for women.

My Thoughts: Patrick definitely comes across as the biggest character out of this year’s candidates however I’m not sure how his fellow teammates will take to his self-confessed cutthroat attitude. I believe Patrick will be the candidate who will clash with Lord Sugar the most as I just don’t think his Lordship will understand the young designer.

His Chances of Winning: I honestly don’t think he’ll win it but hopefully he’ll stay in for the majority of the competition as he seems to be the most intriguing character of the lot.

Sean Spooner

Age: 16

Education: Studying for BTecs in Double IT and eBusiness.

Work Experience: Sean became the UK’s youngest ever publisher after setting up a magazine aged just 14.

My Thoughts: Sean honestly seems like a really nice young man who says he’s done more than most his age but at the same time admits he still has a lot to learn. He also seems to be quite calm and claims that he won’t be like the other project managers on the show as he will actually listen to his team members.

His Chances of Winning: I feel that Sean is the dark horse of the competition as I feel he’ll be lost in the crowd to begin with but come into his own as the show progresses and perhaps will end up winning the whole thing.

Steven Cole 

Age: 17

Education: Completed his studies with a BTec in Understanding Enterprise and Entrepreneurship.

Work Experience: Steven formerly worked as a kitchen porter but has been setting up businesses since the age of 13.

My Thoughts: I’m not quite sure what to make of Steven who seems to hero worship Lord Sugar something that probably won’t go down as well as he thinks it will. Though he says he’s not arrogant and doesn’t think he’s the king of the world he still confesses to being a show-off.

His Chances of Winning: At this stage I would have to say that he may be in with a shot but I’d need to see him in action before I could make an educated decision.

Young Apprentice starts at 8pm on Thursday night where you can see how right or wrong I was about this year’s contestants. 

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