The Apprentice: Ranking the Candidates after Task Ten

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For the second week in a row, The Apprentice has produced a series-first as all six candidates found themselves in the firing line after neither team received any orders for their atrocious healthy snacks. As somebody who actually eats quite a few of these items on a regular basis I would go nowhere near Charlene’s crumbling bar or Brett’s greasy crisps so I wasn’t surprised when all of the supermarkets gave the products a wide berth. Despite both teams failing massively I’ve still got a job to do as, for the last time this series, I rank the candidates’ progress based on tonight’s task.

1. (2) Richard

Yes there may have been some problems with the packaging and yes Richard may try to weasel his way out of any tricky situation, but I believe he’s been the most consistent candidate. He always goes in with his eyes on the prize and very rarely gets distracted by petty squabbles or minor issues. I definitely feel he put in the biggest contribution to tonight’s task and I for one don’t think the packaging was that bad.

2. (1) Vana

Vana’s moment with the olive oil was a moment of madness that may have cost the team the task but I still feel she’s one of the most credible candidates in the competition. I’m now interested in what her business idea is because I believe she’ll sink or swim depending on that.

3. (5) Gary

I don’t know what Lord Sugar’s problem is with corporations but Gary has been on the brink of being fired for the last three weeks now. Tonight I felt he was the stand out member of a very substandard team and for the first time he showed his strengths when he pitched to his old employers. That being said I don’t think he’s shown that much to deserve a place in the final five and I reckon his business plan much show enough promise for him to stay in the process.

4. (3) Joseph

Joseph has been one of my favourites throughout the show however this week he kept his head down and coasted through to the semi-final. There’s not much I can say about Joseph this week but hopefully he can redeem himself during the interview stage.

5. (4) Charlene 

Why Charlene wasn’t fired was beyond me but it’s clear that Lord Sugar sees something in her that the rest of us are yet to discover. Maybe the fact that she broke down tonight may have endeared her to Lord Sugar but I suspect her business plan has intrigued his Lordship enough to at least let his advisers explore next week.

Fired: Brett

In one of the oddest boardrooms of all time, Brett was the unlucky candidate who in the firing line. Rather than make any big mistakes, it appeared as if Lord Sugar didn’t see any potential in Brett past somebody who was good at mucking in when the situation called for it. I also felt his firing was one of the most respectful in the show’s history and I think it was good of Lord Sugar to call Brett an honourable man.

Random Observations 

On that note it seemed to me that Lord Sugar was in quite a kind mood possibly as the boardroom situation had completely thrown him.

Tonight was the first time Claude came into his own when he was talking about King Richard and Princess Vana it reminded me of the good old days of Nick Hewer. That being said I don’t see Claude doing the groundwork again next series as it appears to have worn him down.

Karren once again had a classic episode especially when she was observing Charlene’s calamitous mishaps in the kitchen.

My one big question about the episode was did Lord Sugar lay on a treat presuming there would be a winning team? And if he did I wonder what happened to it when both the teams came back with no orders?

Next Time: It’s the classic interviews episode but who’ll be falling at the last hurdle and who’ll be sailing through to the final?

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